Is your website mobile-friendly?

I know it happened at the beginning of the year (2015), but a few of my clients, this week, have texted me and asked me if their websites are mobile friendly.

All of the websites I build for clients are mobile friendly, but if you wanted to know if yours was or not, here is a quick check to see. Head over to their Mobile-Friendly Test Page and type your URL into the box. It takes a few seconds but you will either receive a RED response or a green response, like the one below.

As you most likely know by now, Google is favouring mobile-friendly websites now, so if you have built your blog on a platform that isn’t mobile-friend;y, then you are most likely being penalized – which means you are either ranking alot lower than you used to, or you may not even be ranking at all. Take a squiz at the Google Page which explains it in a little more detail.

There is also some great information here if you want 10 Steps to a Google Mobile-friendly site.