Do You Have a Clean Eating Blog and Would Like To Make Some Extra Cash?

If you have a blog or a business based around healthy eating and well being, then you don’t want to miss this affiliate opportunity. Irena Macri, who runs Eat. Drink. Paleo has created this Ultimate Wellness Bundle which has about 35 digital books and over 1000 recipes – Check it out here – This product seriously sells itself.

Some of the authors are Cyndi O’Meara (Changing Habits), Lee Holmes (Supercharged), Caralee Caldwell, Georgia Harding etc who are all Australian and the books cover all ranges of healthy eating and well-being such as gluten free, allergy free, paleo, detox, healthy meal planning, dairy alternatives, wholefood, real food, healthy bliss balls, weightloss/slimming, just to name a few.

I recently marketed a wholefood cooking event where we were selling the vast majority of these books, and they were selling online (hardcopy) for $30 – $40, so considering ALL of these books are in the bundle and the bundle is only $44,95 – that is a massive bargain. I am a thermomixer and am big on meal planning, so I buy ALOT of these kinds of books.

The promotion of the Ultimate Wellness Bundle has a very limited time frame, from the 6th – 16th October 2015, so we are already halfway through – but they are still taking on affiliates. I am receiving $22 per sale and have already had 12 sales after only marketing for 24 hours.

If you are considering joining, you can get an introduction by clicking here Email Irena Here, TODAY!

Some of the ways you could market this product:

Social Accounts: Facebook Ads, Facebook Groups, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram (#ozwellnessbundle), LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit.

Direct Marketing: Email marketing.

Keywords: Thermomix, Paleo, wholefood, gluten-free, detoxing, weightloss, slimming, meal planning forums etc

Get your skates on though because the promo has nearly ended.

UPDATE: This bundle is no longer selling.

Happy promoting!