Have upcoming events but struggling for ticket sales?

Planning, creating, organizing and managing physical events is hard enough let alone doing the hard work and having low ticket sales or nobody coming to the event.EventBrite_image

One of the tasks I do for my client Vitality Junction, is plan, create and manage events for their Natural Health Centre in The Junction, Newcastle, NSW.

Their events are very different, but the common theme is health and wellness. This year their events have been based upon wholefood breakfasts, wholefood lunches, homeopathy for first aid, homeopathy for mums & bubs, essential oils, fermenting, adrenal fatigue, immunity, baby & infant CPR, thriving babies, developing infants and thriving toddlers.

When I create a new event I usually follow the below format with regard to web traffic and social networking:

  1. Design a Featured Image using a Stock Image (see this blog post for some great free resources).
  2. Create Event on the website using the Events Manager Pro Plugin.
  3. Create a blog post for the event and schedule it.
  4. Make the Event post Sticky using the Sticky Post Plugin (which keeps it pinned to the top of your blog page).
  5. Create an Event on Facebook.
  6. Create an Event on Google+.
  7. Upload the Featured image with some #hashtags on Instagram.
  8. Upload the Featured Image with some tags on Pinterest.
  9. Tweet the event.
  10. Create an event in EventBrite.
  11. Create an email newsletter in an Email Marketing Program.
  12. Send the email newsletter to everyone in the database.

The reason why I like to create in EventBrite is because it is free to register and because they have an app which makes it easier for users to search events and purchase straight from the app.

The other reason I like it, is because having my events on EventBrite provides me with external links which is great for SEO relevancy as well as gives me greater exposure of my social media channels which are updated in the Organiser Profile.

Below is a screen grab of the first page results after typing ‘Vitality Junction Vital Babies’ into the search bar. The top results belong to Vitality Junction until Google+ gets a mention at the bottom.

Then on the second page of results, EventBrite gets mentioned 6th which is above Facebook and Hot Frog.


So as you can see, EventBrite is excellent for back linking and SEO, which is why I use it every single time I create a new event – regardless of who the client is.