What Is Link Juice?

When you have links on your site that link to external pages, and someone clicks on them, then that click doesn’t get tallied up as a link on your site, but it gets tallied against the website owner who the link relates to.

Search Engines LOVE when your site’s links get clicked on because it gives you credibility and your page rankings go up within the Search Engines. But if you are don’t take the appropriate action, then you will be giving away your ‘link juice’ which will increase their SEO and not yours.

title-nofollow-insertlinkSo What Should You Do to Keep Your Link Juice?

Add ‘nofollow’ tags to external links.

‘Say What?’ I hear you say! You may not know that you need to do this, until someone tells you that you need to.

Are you an Affiliate Marketer?

Then you should DEFINITELY be adding ‘no follow’ tags, especially if you are an affiliate marketer.

Adding the ‘no follow’ tag tells search engines that they should not pass on link juice to those external links. The WordPress Plugin ‘Rel NoFollow Checkbox’ solves this problem by adding a ‘nofollow’ checkbox in the insert link section. For more instructions see their tutorial on how to add a ‘nofollow’ checkbox in the link at the bottom of this post..


Adding the ‘nofollow’ tag is especially good for affiliate marketers and goes well when you cloak your affiliate links.


  1. So people can’t steal your affiliate links and also,
  2. So people aren’t aware that it is an affiliate link (especially other affiliate marketers). **Do bear in mind that you need to have an Affiliate Disclosure on your site though – see mine here.

Easy Affiliate Links is a free WordPress Plugin and one of the better ones which also allows easy set up of the ‘no follow’ tag. It is also a great way to organise your affiliate links so you don’t need to leave your WordPress site when you are in ‘the flow’ of writing your blog posts.

Source: How to Add a NoFollow Checkbox to Insert Link Section in WordPress