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Unlike other digital products, our affiliates are advised to promote the program during the sale period of each new round. The Early Bird sale lasts for 7 days, followed by 2 weeks of registrations at full price.

Affiliate Rates 

Early Bird $90 USD  
Referral fee: $30 USD /$42 AUD (33%)

Regular Price $135 USD
Referral fee: $45 USD / $63 AUD (33%) + $10 USD voucher code for your customers

About the Program

Often compared to the programs by Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper & Michelle Bridges 12WBT, but this one is shorter, cheaper & perfect for the time-poor because the focus is on eating real food, rather than exercising aggressively & all the meal plans are done for you so you don’t have to think about food for the next 9 weeks.
It’s called the Happy Body Formula & it’s written by a team of naturopaths, nutritionists and health & wellness experts. I always take part in any program I market, so I have signed up for the next round starting on Monday 18th April – but they are running right throughout 2016.
The skinny……..
The Happy Body Formula is a powerful nutrition and lifestyle program to uncover the participants ‘happy body’, and it runs for 9 weeks.Learn more about Affiliate Marketing
 The Philosophy
1. EAT BETTER NOT LESS – Ditch calorie counting and focus on eating nutrient-dense, delicious foods that make us feel great and satiated. It will never feel like a diet.
2. EXERCISE SMARTER – NOT MORE – Too much exercise can be as damaging as too little. The focus is on short daily exercise routines for cardio fitness, strength and flexibility.
3. IT’S A LIFESTYLE – NOT A CRASH DIET – Covering a range of wellness topics, the focus is on long-term changes. Rewire your habits to make healthy eating and living enjoyable forever.

3 Phases:

  • Week 1 Foundation: Get to know the program, meet your team and coach, and prepare yourself for the next 8 weeks. Most programs skip this phase.
  • Week 2 – 4 Reset: We cleanse and recharge, while focusing on mindset, movement and sleep.
  • Week 6 – 9 Re-calibrate: We reintroduce foods, while focusing on gut health, stress management, and healthy living habits.

Meet the Experts

Alexandra Barone ~ Coach ~ (Food & Lifestyle Coach)
Sebastien De Bandt ~ Host ~ (Nutritionist & Co-founder of best-selling MyPaleoPal app)
Jad Patrick (Naturopath & Counsellor)
Claire Yates (Nutritionist & Author of Optimal Health The Paleo Way)
Scott Gooding (Chef & Health Expert & Author of Clean Living Series)
Darryl Edwards (Movement Expert & Nutritional Therapist & Author of Paleo Fitness)
Erica Sonnenburg, PHD (Microbiota Scientist at Stanford University)
Alexx Stuart (Health Coach & Low-tox Life Expert)
Dr Alessandra Wall (Psychologist & Podcaster)
Larina Robinson (Wholefood Dietician)
Amy Crawford (CTC Therapist)
If you want to take a glimpse and make sure it’s right for you, you can download 3 recipes & the Wk4 meal plan.
200% Guarantee – so if you don’t reach your goals, then they pay you back TWICE the program cost.