Be educated and inspired by Cyndi O’Meara!

You probably know Cyndi O’Meara from her pioneering work in the HCG Protocol as well as the 6 Weeks no Wheat  program. 
Well the great news is, she is touring Australia.
Spend ‘A Day with Cyndi’ … learn how the right foods can be the key ingredient to creating health and happiness or how choosing the wrong foods will lead you down a path of illness.
Cyndi will focus on ‘Understanding Gut Health’ and discuss the the latest research on ubiome, how chemicals and genetics affect your microbiome, healing and sealing, repopulating, testing and solutions – where to from here, as well as debunking common myths in health and nutrition.
“I really enjoyed myself, it was a treat day out for my birthday and well worth it. Cyndi, you relay the information so easily, very impressed that it all comes out of your head, no notes to read from. That tells me you know your stuff! You can speak on such an high level reeling off scientific names/words and then change them around to make sense to the lay person. Very well done. I will definitely attend the next one and try and bring some of the tribe.” ‘A Day With Cyndi’ event attendee, 2015