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Cyndi O’Meara Touring Australia

Be educated and inspired by Cyndi O’Meara! You probably know Cyndi O’Meara from her pioneering work in the HCG Protocol as well as the 6 Weeks no Wheat  program.    Well the great news is, she is touring Australia. Spend ‘A Day with Cyndi’ … learn how the right foods can be the key ingredient to creating health and happiness or how choosing the wrong foods will lead you down a path of illness.   Cyndi will focus on ‘Understanding Gut Health’ and discuss the the latest research on ubiome, how chemicals and genetics affect your microbiome, healing and...

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Is Your Health & Wellness Blog Making You Money?

If Your Health & Wellness Blog Isn’t Making You Money, Then It Should Be. Are you a blogger, wellness coach, web community manager, gym owner, or a personal trainer? Do you have a burning passion for real food, health and wellness? Regardless of how big or small your audience is or where it is in the world, and if you are a health & wellness blogger why not recommend the Happy Body Formula program to your readers and customers and earn money along the way. Doesn’t matter how big or small your audience is, you can benefit from becoming one...

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Ultimate Wellness Bundle (Affiliate Opportunity)

Do You Have a Clean Eating Blog and Would Like To Make Some Extra Cash? If you have a blog or a business based around healthy eating and well being, then you don’t want to miss this affiliate opportunity. Irena Macri, who runs Eat. Drink. Paleo has created this Ultimate Wellness Bundle which has about 35 digital books and over 1000 recipes – Check it out here – This product seriously sells itself. Some of the authors are Cyndi O’Meara (Changing Habits), Lee Holmes (Supercharged), Caralee Caldwell, Georgia Harding etc who are all Australian and the books cover all ranges of...

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