There are many pros of Affiliate Marketing which vary, depending on whose perspective you are looking at them from. But of course with everything that has pros there must also be cons – you can read about them in this article by The Balance.

Benefits For The Consumer

As a Consumer, it is a seamless process and affiliate links are mostly undetectable. Those consumers who are unaware of affiliate marketing would rarely know they had clicked on an affiliate link.

  1. The service is free and costs the consumer nothing.
  2. The products/services are relevant.
  3. The purchases are handled by the merchant so they have the full customer service support of the merchant.
  4. The content/technology is dynamic and being updated constantly.
  5. Most affiliates are transparent and include their Affiliate Disclosure on their website, so consumers are well aware that they are commission-based endorsements.

Benefits For The Merchant

As a Merchant, there are many benefits of having an Affiliate Marketing program for your product/service:

  1. It expands reach.
  2. It increases brand recognition and value.
  3. It is versatile.
  4. It allows for trial and error.
  5. It can be more cost effective than other forms of online marketing.
  6. It offers direct targeting.
  7. It generates motivation.
  8. It allows payment only for results.
  9. It offers unsurpassed longevity.
  10. It can generate a true world-wide market.
  11. It helps track your activity.


Benefits For The Affiliate Marketer

As an Affiliate Marketer, there are also many benefits:

  1. You don’t need your own product or service.
  2. Very low overheads.
  3. If you can type, you can affiliate market.
  4. The hours are extremely flexible.
  5. Experience is irrelevant.
  6. No customer support required.
  7. Minimal financial investment, if any.
  8. The world is your office.
  9. The opportunities are endless.

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