What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing, short and sweet is an exceptional way to earn money from your blog. Also called blog monetization or referral marketing, it is a relationship between 3 parties. The consumer, the advertiser and the publisher, more on that below.

Affiliate Marketing in Australia

Affiliate Marketing in Australia is rapidly becoming one of the best ways for entrepreneurs’ to build their online brand without the huge expenses of online marketing & advertising.

It’s a win-win situation where the entrepreneur/business/manufacturer receives traffic to their website via ‘affiliates’ who get paid commission or incentives ONLY once a sale is made, therefore it is also known as performance-based marketing. By no means is it a new concept, it has been popular overseas for about 15 -20 years, but in Australia it is still relatively new, with the boom about to happen in the next few years or so.

As mentioned there are 3 main parties involved.

  1. 1. The Consumer
  2. 2. The Merchant (or advertiser) and
  3. 3. The Affiliate (or publisher).

The Consumer who is that guy on his tablet and that girl over there on her smart phone. Put simply anyone and everyone who is ready to purchase something online.

The Merchant has an online product or service, which they market on the web.

The Affiliate is a person or company who assists in marketing merchants products/services in return for a commission (but as mentioned only once a sale is made) – this is you or me i.e. the person writing the blog.

Affiliate Marketing Put Simply

Affiliate Marketing is where other people promote your online products for you, by marketing them to a captured audience either by a blog/website or a other online methods etc.

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